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Welcome, STEELPIPE Employee.

You've been told to arrive early to manage the upgrade of your company's servers.

Simple enough, right?

Live the life of your average, underpaid office employee in this low-poly, retro-styled horror game.


  • WASD : Movement
  • CTRL : Crouch
  • Shift : Sprint
  • E : Interact

Created By:
salt_pouch & his girlfriend

All music and sounds are royalty-free or created by the author.


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STEELPIPE_v1.0.3.zip 30 MB

Development log


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As a way to express my gratitude for the game, here's an article about Tim!


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Wow, now I understand all the questions haha. This is really cool, thanks!

I also want to say you pretty much nailed the details so good on you :)

So wait, is the pipe killer just Mr. T. Pipes (our boss) who watches over me so I would do my work efficiently and don't sleep? Anyway, loved it!

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Like really, is T. Pipes after us?:)

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Also, do T. Pipes' outfits change each playthrough, or am I just delusional?

Yes, outfits change. And to answer your other question: Let's just say you're very observant.

Is there a secret ending? I mean, besides the one where we try to exit the building, but the door is locked and he catches us anyway?

Hello! I know it's a weird request, but could you please send me the link to the gif files with Tim and his outfits that you have on Twatter?

Could you please include a way to pay with the credit card, not by PayPal?

I don't have a stripe account, sorry.


No more update?

Could you please include a way to pay with the credit card, not by PayPal?

Gave it a go...

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I finished server upgrade but I  get Job Incomplete instead of Job Complete

and could you make game little bit more easier? Thanks

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edit: The 1.0.1 update should fix this and make the game slightly easier.

I just checked the code and that shouldn't happen, it's possible it hit 6am right before the upgrade completed. I'll look into it further when I get the chance, thanks :)

On a technical level this game is amazing, really top tier stuff. Completely nailed the style you were going for with both the music and sound effects matching up perfectly. The gameplay however is headache inducing. I'll be, I dislike survive the night games so this might be a bit more biased than usual. The constant restarts driven solely by waiting for timers to run out so I can restart servers and hide under another bench. I'm all for difficulty but if anything this feels entirely artificial.

To end it on a good note most of the game feels fresh and fun until you have to repeat it 10 times waiting for an invisible timer to let the game actually start. More thoughts and reccomendations for fixing some of the abhorrent wait times down below.

Thank you for playing!

I was careful to release this game in beta because I knew it would need some balancing. The game was intended to be a challenge with horror elements, nothing is scripted, which is why it needs balancing. That is just the nature of this particular game. I am a fan of linear horror games but that is not the direction I wanted to go for this project.

That being said, the next update will significantly increase the pacing of the game. I agree it's very unforgiving and I believe I've found some middleground for those that just want to beat it. I plan to release this update before the 31st.

Thank you so much for writing a detailed review, it's what I need to help improve my projects.

Sorry if it came off as harsh and I really do want to push on the assests, the game looks and feels amazing. You can fix balance issues, those just take time, but the actual essence of the game is really enjoyable. Thanks for sticking with the project and I hope to one day claim my title as The Steel Piper.

The game was really fun the play and I enjoyed it. I kinda wish the killer had a kill bubble that only surrounded him so  it stops the super gymnastic players from dancing around the killer. Otherwise, it's a fun game to play. 

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

I enjoyed the game!!! Real Scary!! HAVE A GREAT DAY GUYS!! :)

This game was really nice. It looks great for a first game. The environment is really scary. I got a bit frustrated trying to beat it. I will keep watch for updates.

This is a very solid game! Straight forward task, frightening antagonist, great ambience to the environment. It was a little too hard for me to beat though. Here's my playthrough:

Feedback/gameplay and critique within

HELP! when I start the game only the gray screen remains (I think it is the home screen) and the background music plays from start to finish over and over again but nothing appears to me and when I click it tells me "the program left to work "and I want to play but I can't. Does anyone have a solution?

Really cool and freaky game, and it's super quiet. I am too scared to finish it. 

This game actually scared the crap out of me. Can't wait to give it a go when my nerves are more prepared! 

I tried playing the game again, failed again... 

Trying again next update my dude

This is definitely one of the best horror games I've played for a long time! I didn't finish the game today, but I'm gonna finish it tomorrow I think. 


Great game so far!! I tried my best 😂, the tension was real, best part was even tho it was just a man with a paper bag mask it was terrifying/ aggravating 😂  to be caught.

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti

Very scary! Very tense! My pulse was racing!

Absolutely terrorific game! Had a blast playing! Very well done and very scary!!

The game was really nice. And also here's a game play to watch, this is for inspiration for you (sorry didn't finish the game). So here's my personal feed back and please don't be mad this are ideas you might use in your future projects. 

Feed back
-add a full screen display (To have a better view of the game)
-make the monster scary (make a scarier design for the monster)
-Develop a better graphic (Like the title of the game and some designs as well)
-Make the menu of the game nicer ( make It nice and scary)
-Put the warning in the intro of the game (So a lot of player will prepare the warning of the game)

Not gana lie the game was fun. Not expecting to be this good but hey you prove me wrong dev. and for that I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work and also why you didn't reply to my last comment :( ?. ( TY for the game and I hope to see more games from you in the future)

OK I played the game and it was INTENSE!!!. Didn't finish the game because I was scared and I'll give you a feed back later ok dev.

Definitely recommended for other people to check the game out. We got scared extremely hard initially, had no idea what we were getting into!

Thank you all for your support, it means a lot :)

This game is so scary, dude. I can't even finish it

I thought the atmosphere was very well done. The difference between the silence of an empty office and the whirring of the machines was a good touch, along with the lighting.

Was a very fun experience especially for the beta! Would definitely recommend trying it if anyone is interested in a quick and fun horror experience!

Listen for the footsteps!!!

Loved your video, smiled the entire time. Thank you for playing!

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quick question how old are you? 

this is your 1st game hhhmmm..... i'll check it out if you reply 

It was worth checking out my dude, don't need a repl

I was just asking because I'm curious, I'm sorry please don't hurt (XD). I was trying if the dev would reply me back. Since he reply to you back and you reply to me back I'll play ok :) .